Itemised Sales Report

The Itemised sales report shows your sales totals, costs and theoretical gross profit for a given time range, as well as a breakdown of all of the products sold in that time range.

This article provides an overview of the Itemised sales report on a single site back office. If you are viewing the report from a central management dashboard, see Central Itemised Sales Report.

To view the Itemised sales report log into your back office and hover over the Reporting Icon from the left hand navigation. Click the Sales sub-category & select Itemised Sales from the available reports.



The totals boxes at the top of the report show you the totals for the time window you are viewing:

  • Gross Sales Total - Total sales inclusive of tax and after any promotions and discounts
  • Net sales Total - Total sales after tax
  • Cost Price Total - Total cost price of all items sold in the period
  • Tax Total - Total value of tax on all items sold in the period
  • Gross Profit Total - Gross Profit achieved based on the sale and cost prices of the items sold (this is your potential GP, which will become your actual GP once any stock variances are taken into account)
  • GP% - The percentage of gross profit against sales
  • Discount total - Total of all discounts applied in the period
  • Promotions total - Total of all promotions applied in the period
  • Refunds Total - Total of all refunds given in the period
  • Tips total - Total of all tips taken in the period
  • Service Charge Total - Total service charge taken in the period
  • Gift Cards Issued - The total value of gift cards issued in the period


Beneath the totals you will see a breakdown of each item sold, along with the quantity, gross sales, tax rate, net sales, gross profit, and whether it was an online sale or made in person.

Grouping options

You can group the sales by different criteria to drill into a particular areas of your sales and see how these compare.

  • Category - Groups by the Reporting category of the product
  • Date - Groups by day
  • Business Day - Groups by day, using the time set for the end of your trading day (default 5am)
  • Employee - Groups by the employee who sold the items
  • Terminal - Groups by the EPOS device the sales were made on
  • Online vs In Person - Groups your sales made via online channels (e.g. mobile ordering, Deliveroo) vs those made in person
  • Sit in vs Takeout - Groups your sales by guests sitting in your venue vs those taking your products out

Additionally, there is a tick box above the 'Generate Report' button to 'group sales by product'. This will show total sales for each product, regardless of any other attributes of the sale that might differ e.g. different measures, online vs in venue sales, take out vs eat in sales etc.


The search bar at the top of the breakdown will filter the report and the totals boxes by any search term you type. This makes it easy to view your figures in relation to the sales of a particular product for example.


The Itemised sales report can also be sorted by any of the columns. Just click the column header and the table will alternate between ascending and descending order. This can be useful for viewing our top or bottom sellers for example.


You can also copy the sales to your clipboard, display in a print format, or export to Excel or CSV.


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