Management Reports

Management reports can be viewed on a single or multi-site level and provide a consolidated view of the performance of the business for a given period (day, week, or month).

Management reports include:

  • Estimated P&L - A full P&L for the period, pulling in sales, gross profit, staff costs and operating costs to give you a forecast profit for the period
  • Key metrics on sales & payments - Including forecast vs actual sales, spotlight sales, and sales mix reports
  • Key metrics on staff costs - Including forecast vs actual 

You can configure certain elements of the management reports to be included on your daily, weekly and monthly sales emails.

Viewing management reports

You can view your management reports on either a single site back office or central dashboard by 'Management Reports' user the Reporting menu on the dashboard.


You can then select from a number of different reports showing site by site as well as overall figures. You can switch between daily, weekly, and monthly reports in the top right.


The P&L pulls in your sales, gross profit, staff costs and operating costs to provide you with a forecast P&L for the period.

  • Total sales- Total net sales for the period, pulled from Itemised Sales, broken down by food, drink and other
  • Total cost- Total cost of sales for the period, pulled from Itemised Sales, broken down by food, drink and other
  • Total gross profit- Total gross profit for the period, pulled from Itemised Sales, broken down by food, drink and other
  • Operating costs- Total operating costs, pulled from the default operating costs entered for the site(s)
  • Estimated profit- Estimated profit for the period

Operating costs

You can view the operating costs attributed to the report by clicking on the 'operating costs' tab.

You can check these look correct for the period and if you need to make any changes to these you can either:

  • Change your operating costs in the set up module on each site's back office if you want to change them on future reports as well. You will need to come back to any existing reports and click the refresh icon at the bottom of the operating costs tab to pull any new changes through
  • Change the operating costs on the specific P&L report you are viewing to reflect any exceptional items incurred in the period. To do this just type the new amount against the relevant cost and then click the save button on the bottom of the screen. 

Adding comments & emailing reports

You can add comments to a specific periods management report, to reflect on any aspects of the business performance, or to explain any operating cost updates. 

Just click 'Edit managers comments' under the P&L report.

Enter your comments and click 'Update managers comments'.

You can then email a link to the report, along with the comments, to the email address that is set to receive management reports under the email notifications tab of the set up module.

Just click 'Email managers comments'

Then check the email address is correct and click 'Email'.

Sales breakdown

The Sales Breakdown report shows key metrics relating to your sales for your venue(s):

Net sales broken down by:

  • hour for the daily report
  • day for the weekly report
  • week for the monthly report


Forecast vs actual with variance


Forecasts are taken from your rota forecasts

Cost of sales


Gross profit


Average hourly sales (not shown on daily report)


Online vs In Person


Category Breakdown

The Category Breakdown report shows the split of your sales, cost and gross profit across your reporting categories.

You can flick the button at the top of the report to view the figures as either value or percentage of sales.


The Payments report shows the split of your payments by type and your average transaction value for the period.


Spotlight Sales

Spotlight sales details all of the spotlight sales in the period and shows the percentage of overall sales these account for vs a target if you have one set.


Staff Costs

Staff costs shows your key metrics relating to staff costs including:

  • Forecast vs actual staff cost
  • Sales per staff hour - total sales divided by total staff hours
  • F&B sales per staff hour - food & drink sales divided by total staff hours
  • Staff costs as a percentage of sales

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